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Alan White

Alan White

In Memoriam

Drummer Alan White will always be regarded as a musician without peer. After working with legendary artists including John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ginger Baker, White joined Yes in 1972, becoming a key element in their sonic evolution. He masterfully handled the drum kit and showcased his extensive prog-rock percussion on epic tracks like "The Gates of Delirium". White's powerful yet nuanced beats on hits such as "Owner of A Lonely Heart" complimented the musical soundscapes and soaring harmonies that define Yes, and helped push the band forward as an MTV-ready force during the 1980s.
Andrew Fletcher

Andy Fletcher

In Memoriam

Today we remember Inductee and keyboardist Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, who played a foundational role in Depeche Mode by helping to build a band centered around keyboards — flipping the traditional rock hierarchy and setting the foundations for "synth pop." Fletcher’s technical prowess on the synthesizer was an essential contribution to the band's sound and longevity as they continued to create new material and perform sold-out shows well into the 21st century.
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