Fans Dancing in Honor of Michael Jackson Fan Day

Charitable Ticket Requests

Thank you to everyone who has submitted requests this year.  We are proud to supported so many charitable organizations and endeavors. We have fulfilled our capacity for charitable ticket donations for the 2022 year.  Please check back in November to submit requests for events taking place in January-June 2023.  We will be accepting requests for July-December 2023 in April. 


Want to request tickets to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to help your nonprofit or community organization with an upcoming fundraiser? Fill out the form below. 

It's easy to do, but please:

  • Complete the below charitable ticket request form (Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, we can only review online requests.)
  • Make your request at least 8 weeks prior to when you need the tickets
  • Make one request per year 

We will carefully review all requests, but special consideration is given to nonprofit educational, arts, music and community organizations, especially those serving youth in Northeast Ohio. Though we love family reunions, athletic booster clubs and teams, and employee recognition programs, we are unable to support charitable ticket requests for them. 

If approved, we will send you an email notification and two complimentary general admission tickets. Thank you for your interest in the Rock Hall!

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